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From computers to televisions and everything in-between, you will love everything Toshiba has to offer. When you choose a company that has a reputation that precedes them, you can rest assured in your purchase.

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  • Toshiba review by dianeaakin
    posted Apr-10-2013
    "I owned a Toshiba laptop for 10 years and it always was reliable. Never got sluggish like some of the other manufacturers models did. Also, my mother is the president of a fairly large computer club and has been for many years so when I decided to purchase a new …More "
  • Toshiba review by sjss
    posted Jul-02-2006
    "Well, I have actually dealt with Several Toshibas at work, doing tech support, and they are nice, but not having a purchase order to actually rate them myself (and they weren't my machines), I did not. But I rated them with my wallet, and my most recent notebook is a Toshiba. …More "

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